Friday, January 9, 2015

The Grooviest Covers of All Time: Jim Starlin Made Me Buy These, Too!

More Jim Starlin covers, Groove-ophiles! It might surprise ya to learn that Jaunty Jim ever did covers for some of these Marvel-ous mags! Enjoy! (I know I yam enjoying 'em!)


  1. Starlin was THE FAVORITE in the Bronze Age.., I had to purchase Marvel Feature 11 (first Thing team-up mag). Awesome cover..!!!

  2. I remember being in high school when Jim Starlin burst onto the scene. His revitalization of Captain Marvel and intro of Master of Kung Fu was the foreshadowing of a massive influx of new talent into comics during the Groovy Age. I always loved the output of cosmic Jim Starlin, especially his masterpieces Avengers Annual # 7 and Marvel Two - In - One Annual # 2 (It also didn't hurt that both aforementioned classics were inked by Joe Rubinstein).

  3. I love the way that even The Beast's logo is furry.



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