Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Black and White Wednesday: "Swords in the World Series" by Gale, Starlin, and Rubenstein

Dig it, Groove-ophiles! Barbarians! Time-traveling wizards! Baseball! That's what writer Ken ('Nuff Said! Radio/Defiant Comics) Gale had on his mind when he wrote his first pro scripting job for Warren's Creepy #106 (February 1979)! Leave it to the exceptional art team of Jim Starlin and Joe Rubenstein to bring said tale to black and white life! Are you ready for..."Swords in the World Series"?


  1. Aknaton from Starlin's Metamorphosis Odyssey went in for baseball! Who would'a thunk?

  2. Well, you certainly contribute to the commerce on eBay. I've never seen this story before. As a huge fan of the Starlin/Rubinstein team I'll have to go there today and purchase it. Thanks!



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