Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Boys from Derby: "Brain Fever" by Pellowski and Sutton

HoooOOOOOOOw's it going, Groove-ophiles! Time for a vampiric visit from The Boys from Derby, this one from Haunted #27 (February 1976). "Brain Fever" was written by Mike Pellowski and illustrated by Tom Sutton, and man, is it every a wild one! And just 'cause Ol' Groove loves ya, baby, I'm tossing in Sutton's captivating cover! Hoo-ha!


  1. Happy new year and greetings from Rio de Janeiro! Always a big big fan. I have a request: since David Bowie passed away people are really going crazy after the Marvel Super Special (or the 3 issues mini series) of the Labyrinth movie adaptation. I can't find it anywhere...only you can save us, Ol' Groove.

  2. Tom Sutton might just be the best pure horror artist who ever lived. His work is so immediately creepy and off kilter.

    Rip Off

  3. Tom Sutton did some of his best work at Charlton in the 70s. The low page rate he received was offset by the freedom he was given to do whatever he wanted. His enthusiasm really shone through. Loved his output for the company, along with the creative contributions of Wayne Howard, Joe Staton, Nick Cuti, John Byrne and Mike Zeck.



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