Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Black and White Wednesday: F.O.O.M. Magazine #2

Dig it, Groove-ophiles! Rob Anderson (of the oh-so-cool Marvel Value Stamps site!)  had a great idea: post F.O.O.M. Magazine #2! You denizens of Groove City are geniuses, y'know! So, if you don't wanna pay those outrageous Ebay prices for a copy of this Hulk-centric mag from the Summer of 1973 (the price zoomed up 'cause it might be Wolverine's first appearance? Where'd anyone get a ka-razee idea like that?), then here ya go. Try not to drool all over your electronic device. Don't want ya gettin' short-circuited!


  1. 'Another new series is Fu Manchu...The first episode offers the appearance of the son of Fu Manchu...' Love it!

  2. Also, a perpetual tag team of (Windsor-)Smith, Buscema, and Adams on Conan in Savage Tales? Drool...

  3. Ol' Groove, ye are truly a True Believer! I'm sending a titanic tidal wave of t(h)anks your way! Much Appreciated!

  4. Wow! FOOM, Steranko, The Hulk... nuff said!
    The Steranko Cover to the Hulk Annual ( #1 Hulk Battles the Inhumans) has to be one of the top-10 Marvel covers of all time, no???

  5. Notice the Steve Rude and Trevor Von Eeden contest submissions

  6. When Steranko was editor of! Great designer, entertainer, cartoonist, etc., etc. You knew you were in good hands when his name was in the credits. Always memorable fun! Now he's holding court on Twitter at iamsteranko when he's not doing the same live on the convention circuit. Still a master entertainer after all these years!

    Chris A.



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