Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Black and White Wednesday: Dave Cockrum Original Art

Ah, Dave Cockrum! What a great, great artist he was. His work on Legion of Super-Heroes and X-Men are the stuff of legend. His covers were magnets that would yank the change right outta Young/Teen Groove's pockets. His costume designs were second to none. Once more, Ol' Groove has scoured the Internet to nab some of the most far-out and fantastic pieces of original art the world has ever seen! How 'bout...some X-Men?

More to come in a future B&W Wedneaday! Bamph!


  1. I almost had Herb do me a commission of a Hulk cover. Of the issue they never did for some reason. Marvel annouced to the Comic Reader in the summer/ fall of 76. Colossus was sheduled to battle the Hulk. In a issue of the Hulk, possibly in a two parter story. By Herb Trimpe, Len Wein & Dave Cockrum. Before it was written Herb left the Hulk & I think Len was leaving the title too. If I had been able to raise the $$. Herb had agreed to drawn the story for me. But Dave & Herb left us before it became a reality. SIGH!

  2. How I miss Dave Cockrum. It's been almost 10 years since he left us.

    1. Ya I met Dave once & Gene Colan. I became friends with them through e-mails & phone. A long with John Romita, Joe Sinnott, Roy Thomas,Herb Trimpe & Marie Severin. Miss Herb a lot too. All were/are warm. friendly & down to earth. Sad with Gene at his table for like 3 & half hours. After he told me to take a seat at his table with him. Miss those guys a lot as we;ll as knowing Tony Dezuniga.

    2. I sat next to Dave at a con in NY years ago, what a great guy and Gene Colan was a professor of mine at the School Of Visual Arts in the 80s. I miss both.

  3. Groovy, Are you my long-lost identical twin? You seem to love all of the creators/creators/comics that I do!

    I am a huge Dave Cockrum fan... I just love his style and especially his character designs. A book with a Cockrum cover would draw me in like a magnet. I can't believe that I've heard he had some tough years later on a difficulty finding work, because he was such a master talent. I loved his Futurians books that he did later on. He is missed.

  4. THANK YOU-THANK you-THANK YOU!!!especially for the hi res image of that last page-while i loved cockrums work throughout his career,this is the last job he did where he inked his own pencils and it was the same caliber as his lsh days-all so awesome-just wish you could get hires scan of all these pages-again-thank ou so much!!!!!!!!!!!



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