Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Decent Comics: "The Devil and Captain Marvel" by Bridwell, Newton, and Schaffenberger

Dig it, Groove-ophiles! Only in the Groovy Age could you get comics that combined Golden Age sensibilities like whimsy and charm with 70s style! Where could you get such a combination? Why in the back of World's Finest Comics when E. Nelson Bridwell, Don Newton, and Kurt Schaffenberger got it all together on mini-masterpieces like "The Devil and Captain Marvel" from World's Finest #254 (September 1978)! Shazam!


  1. Captain Marvel was a fun lighter take in the 70's, always enjoyed his adventures in World's Finest, and really enjoyed the nod to Golden Age Fawcett in the story.

  2. Shazam was a welcome addition to the 70s comic scene. Too bad the Marvel family could never recapture the selling power of their Golden Age glory days.

  3. Gorgeous artwork by Newton and Schaffenberger. The detail that Don put into his pencils is incredible--just look at Cap's hands on that splash page! I think Kurt missed his calling. He was a good penciller but an even better inker. Can't wait for next issue's Mary Marvel story!



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