Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Black and White Wednesday: Getting Cosmic With Original Jim Starlin Art

Dig it, Groove-ophiles! Yers trooley has never shied away from blabbing on about his admiration for the enormous skills and genius of Jim Starlin. Once more I have scoured the interwebs for samples of original art. There's lots of Jim Starlin greatness out's a batch of my own personal favorites...

Okay, those are just a taste of Starlin's cosmic majesty (inked by some of the all-time greats), but hey, it wasn't all cosmic. After all, they didn't call him "Judo Jim" for nothin'...

And oh yeah, we can't stop without acknowledging his far out Batman work with P. Craig Russell...

Yeah. Starlin is all kinds of awesome!


  1. This would have been all the more impressive with the green Mar-bell, lol!

    1. It would be interesting to see how Starlin would have handled the green uniform...

  2. You probably don't even realize it Groove, but this was quite a memory trip for those of us who like a bit of Cosmic Jimbo and grew up reading the old black and white British Marvel reprint weeklies.

    Well, it was for me, anyway - that splash from Captain Marvel 29 was the first time I (knowingly) encountered Starlin's work, when the story ran as a back up in Planet of the Apes... Ever since, its never quite looked right to me in colour.
    That page with Thanos removing death's hood made quite the impression when I was a ten year old kid...

    Thanks a lot for this one.


  3. What? No Starlin covers to the British Marvel weeklies? Shame on you : )

    1. I've published those before, but I haven't found any original art samples of them. Besides, you know I have no shame! ;D

  4. To those who weren't around in the 70s, it can't be emphasized enough the impact Jim Starlin had with his storytelling. Appearing seemingly out of nowhere, his art transformed a moribund Captain Marvel into a sparkling jewel of art effects and cosmic storytelling that followed him through the successive titles he took over. In my own personal countdown, I rated Avengers Annual # 7 as the number three comic of all time. That ending to the first Thanos saga, aided immensely by Josef Rubinstein inks, still has the same powerful punch 40 years later as it did when it first hit the newsstands.



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