Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Boys from Derby: "Slimes, Slogs,and Glumps" by Cuti and Sutton

Let's go back to July 1975, Groove-ophiles! Spin that Supernatural Spinner Rack and BOOM! Creepy Things #2 is staring out at you with that in-freakin'-credible Tom Sutton cover! The cover story is easy to find--it's in the back of the mag...yep! It's illustrated by Sutton! And on top of that it's written by Nick Cuti! Whoops! There goes another quarter! Cue Jim Stafford's "Spiders and Snakes" and read on!


  1. As the cover implies, the book is actually Creepy Things, not Scary Things.

  2. Great story, Groove, but isn't the name of the comic book CREEPY THINGS, not SCARY THINGS?

  3. Sorry about the title goof, guys. Fixed it. Now I'm gonna go write "creepy" on the blackboard 500 times...

  4. Well, a creepy thing can be a scary thing, especially when you are dealing with a Lovecraftian frog as was drawn in this story.

    Sutton had the knack of drawing Lovecraft like horrors. Even when he didn't quite capture the look of a Cthulu type being he came pretty close, and when he got it just right it might have pleased ol H P himself.

  5. Reading these old creepy (or scary, or whatever) stories you post makes me wonder if the more modern 'Goosebumps' series and related things were inspired by them. Not that horror stories haven't been around for as long as humans could craft a tale, mind you, but still... 'Goosebumps' kind of feels stylistically like some of these.

    Generally speaking, I like that some of these stories really hold up well after so many decades. Sometimes the art (specifically the clothes the characters might be wearing) may date these comics, but generally, they seem fairly timeless.

    As for this particular tale, I made a weird Groovy Age connection... when I was glancing at the thumbnails for each page, I couldn't help but think that the appearance of the two main characters, Joe and Cathy, remind me of Greg and Tana from Valley of the Dinosaurs (both the tv show and the comic series illustrated by Fred Himes). Coincidentally, even the mid-70's time-frame has both VotD and Creepy Tales coexisting. Weird.


  6. Great Post Groove and let's not forget April 1st will be Charlton Fool's Day!



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