Thursday, December 8, 2016

Decent Comics: "Crisis in Triplicate!" by Levitz, Pasko, Dillin, and McLaughlin

Check it out, Groove-ophiles! We're back with the senses-shattering conclusion of the massive JLA/JSA/LSH team-up that Paul Levitz, Martin Pasko, Dick Dillin, and Frank McLaughlin started last Tuesday! "Crisis in Triplicate!" was originally published August 1977 (just in time for Teen Groove's 14th birthday!) in Justice League of America #148. Are you ready to take a trip through both time and space with 19 superheroes and 4 magic-wielding villains? Then let's gooooooo!
Cover art by Rich Buckler and Jack Abel

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  1. Wow! man thaqt was great. Thanks for posting that. It was an amazing team up. Handling all of those charters, keeping the action going, not losing track of pacing and plot, I can just imagine the skill that takes. I have read that the reason so few* tried to compete with the JSA and make their own team in the golden age was because artists rebelled at having to draw so many characters for every scene. Dillin and co, handled it well.

    Pet peaces, BC could not know some of the things she said, Saturn girl had telepathy, or that whatever demon sent the team to do what they went to do. Minor irritation. The story did drag toward the end because so frenetic just so much going on. These are minor issues. It's a great classic.

    *Prize comic "good fellows" Fawcette had Crusaders, both one shot wonders.



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