Friday, December 9, 2016

Making a Splash: John Buscema Gets Thor, Part 1

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Sunday will be the 89th anniversary of the birth of the late, great Big John Buscema! Our Pal Sal's big brother made a mark on comicdom in general and Marvel Comics in particular like few others. His powerful, graceful, sculptured art thrilled many a comicbook fiend like yers trooly. Avengers, Conan, Fantastic Four, Tarzan, and so many other comics were graced (and often elevated) by Big John's skills on a regular basis. After Avengers and Conan, Ol' Groove's favorite John Buscema run was on Mighty Thor. He "got" what Thor co-creator Jack Kirby was doing with Asgard (both in costumes and architecture) like few others, plus he was able to bring both the pageantry and power a comic featuring "gods" demanded. Now here are all the splashes from  Mr. Buscema's first long run on Thor (178, 182-213, 215-226; April, August 1970-April 1973, June 1973-May 1974 )...for you and...for Asgard!

Lots more of Big John's Thor is yours for the asking, Groove-ophiles! What say ye?


  1. To quote Stan the Man's blurb, "Warning! Verily, grandeur such as this may be habit-forming!"
    I say thee yea! Thanks for the fix, Groove.
    I have spoken!


  2. There's no doubt that Big John "grokked" Thor. His take on the FF was just okay, workmanlike, but his rendition of Thor was a re-invention. He had that shiny Asgardian over-the-top armor, but it was his design. His ultra heroic figure work was ideal for the Asgardians. I agree that after Conan, Thor was the purest work we got from him. Even his Avengers stuff I so adore falls somewhat short.

    Rip Off

  3. I'm sorry, but Neal Adams' two issue stint for issues # 180 and 181 topped all the output for Thor of Kirby and Buscema combined.

    1. A little hyperbole from the Neal Adams fan club here, I think. You may prefer Adams style - but Kirby created SO much more. Like the FF, Thor, the Hulk, Captain America, The X-Men, Silver Surfer whilst Neal created...

  4. For an artist who disliked superhero material, John Buscema could KILL IT with his artistic grandeur. Also, I was geeked to see he penned a Rutland Parade splash!

  5. By Odin's beard Groove! Thou hast gifted Midgard with the magical art of Big John Buscema! I too say thee yea, more Thor by Big John!

    - Mike from Trinidad & Tobago.

  6. Buscema was one of the biggest artists in marvel, and yet also one of the most underrated artists at the same time. Great to see him here, even though he was still coming into his own.

  7. I love anything and everything John Buscema did--especially Thor. Just sad to me they let Vinnie Colletta continue trying to ruin great artwork well after Kirby left the title.



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