Friday, October 27, 2017

Making a Splash: The Haunted Batman

HooOOOOwww's it going, Groove-ophiles! Like Ol' Groove promised, here are some Halloween-ish splashes from Batman's very own mag by some of the greatest comicbook artists ever. You'll notice that the splashes in Batman's own mag could be just as haunting and as moody as his splashes in Detective. There were some downright gothic splashes in Batman, and Ol' Groove's found 'em for ya, baby!

Batman #254

Batman #255

Batman #315

Batman #319


  1. An interesting cross section of talent you have there. Irv Novick certainly was a mainstay of the Bat title for years. The Two Face and Werewolf issues were outstanding.

  2. The true Batman, not the psychotic nut in body armor we get now.

  3. Yeah, gothic mansions, gnarly trees, spooky villains and Neal Adams - that's what the Batman is all about.
    Always loved that Half an Evil splash - distinctive and amazing work now, let alone when it appeared in the 70s.

    Great follow up to last weeks post, Groove.


  4. Awesome stuff. Most of those were great stories with incredible art. I've always loved the real Batman.



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