Friday, October 6, 2017

The Grooviest Covers of All Time: Colan and Palmer's Dracula

It's October, Groove-ophiles, so let's get in some early trick-or-treating by treating ourselves to 13 (you guessed it) darkly dy-no-mite Tomb of Dracula covers by the art-team supreme of Tom and Gene! (Palmer and Colan, that is, and yeah, Gene's the penciler and Tom's the inker, but it rhymes better that way, baby!)

According to GCD, Marie Severin had a hand in this'un.


  1. It's a been a few years since I read these and I'm getting a hankering to do it again. These covers are enticing me mightily.

    Rip Off

  2. Gene Colon is hands down my favorite comic artist ever, his work on Tomb Of Dracula was nothing but perfect. Broke my heart when they cancelled the title, it is among my all time faves, something that always seems criminally overlooked is Colon and Wolfman's later wwork on Night Force, that was an amazing title

  3. TOD is hands-down one of the best comics ever produced, and one of the best things Wolfman/Colan worked on, together or apart. The stories are engaging and the artwork is dynamite. They don't make 'em like this anymore!

  4. What can be said that hasn't been about the immensely successful team of Wolfman/Colan/Palmer? Except for a few fill-in inkers near the beginning, the team held together from issues 7 - 70, a rarity for Marvel in the 70s. That consistency allowed a rich tableau to unfold on TOD which had great storylines and deeply developed characters (who can forget Harold H. Harold?). In combination with The New Teen Titans, Mr. Wolfman can proudly look upon those two series as among the best ever in the history of comics.

  5. I have always felt this wonderful, ongoing series was hugely influential on many later works of horror, in a huge variety of fields. From novels like 'The Light at the End' by Spector and Skipp, through to TV series like Buffy and Angel. I don't think it's ever been given full credit for it's cultural impact.



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