Friday, March 30, 2018

Making a Splash: Frank Thorne's Korak

Check it out, Groove-ophiles! Before Frank Thorne became an "overnight sensation" on Red Sonja for Marvel, he'd been toiling away at comics companies like Dell, Gold Key, and yep, DC for nearly three decades. One of Ol' Groove's favorite pre-Red Sonja gigs was his time as artist on DC's Korak Son of Tarzan mag. While Thorne illustrated only six issues (numbers 46-51, March 1972-January 1973), he definitely made his mark on Edgar Rice Burrough's creation. Can you dig these (dare I say it) swingin' pages? (Ouch!)





  1. I loved Frank Thorne. He was a triple threat penciller, inker, letterer much like Jim Aparo. His Red Sonja run pretty much spoiled the ability of anyone else to adequately portray her.

  2. Thorne certainly looked like he was a contemporary of Joe Kubert's, as he has a similar style.

  3. Outstanding stuff. Thorne did lots of it before the Red Sonja strip put him on the map. I recall a really good Dell GREEN HORNET from the '50s in addition to several movie comics, MIGHTY SAMSON, DC war shorts, and my favorite, his extended run on TOMAHAWK.



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