Friday, March 9, 2018

Topps and Marvel Stick(er) Together: The 1975/76 Marvel Super Hero Sticker Sets Part 2

Better late than never, Groove-ophiles! Way back in September '08, we rapped (wrapped?) about the way too corny and cool Marvel/Topps bubblegum/sticker sets. Well, finally, here is Ol' Groove sharing the second set of those sensational and superheroic stickers--along with the puzzle that went with the first set (since Ol' Groove shared the second puzzle with the first set). So, 1976 stickers and the 1975 puzzle--and if you're still puzzled, read all about the Marvel/Topps sticker sets here. Or better yet, just drool over the art and giggle over the cornball comedy that caused us Groovy Age kids to toss our dimes at the check-out ladies!


  1. O.k., that one with Cap having to stand that way so his pants won't fall down is actually pretty funny...

  2. I was 6 in 76, so I just called the Human Torch 'Fire Man.'

  3. That really takes me back, amazing that the red skull is sporting a swastika. that would never fly today.

  4. I remember these! I had them stuck all over the door to my room!

  5. Now you all know what to get me for Christmas this year!


  6. Those stickers plastered the inside of the closet door in my bedroom way back when.

  7. Great post ! This brings back good memories.

  8. Another thing I missed out on because I would only buy super hero comics.



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