Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Black and White Wednesday: Groovy Bob Brown Original Art

Bob Brown was one of those comicbook artists we took for granted back in the Groovy Age, wasn't he? His art was solid, but not spectacular, his storytelling was really amazing, but not flashy. When he drew Batman, Superboy, or Daredevil, especially coupled with the right inker like Murphy Anderson, Wally Wood, Dick Giordano, Klaus Janson, or (can you believe it?) Keith Pollard, Young Groove dug it. Young Groove had a much harder time with his Avengers work, though I always loved his Avengers debut (#113) with the very different but, in my eyes, very stunning Frank Bolle inks. Brown's art was very dependent on an inker for some reason. His style was always readily recognizable, but some inkers (sorry Don Heck) didn't flatter his pencils at all, while others (Dave Cockrum, sigh...) made 'em look pretty awesome. Now, Ol' Groove can see the mastery of the form displayed by Brown's art, and it really shows in these cool original pages I found scattered all over the Internet. Enjoy, Groove-ophiles!


  1. Love seeing the unfinished stuff. How the hell do you even get these images?

    1. Well, I am the Groovy AGENT, ya know. I have my ways... ;D

  2. Loved Bob Brown's stuff, not flashy as you say but very appealing visually, much like Cockrum's.

  3. Cool stuff Groove. I recall seeing his stuff on the spinner either original or reprint in the early 70s. I specially recall being pleased with it, if not enamored. Seems you felt same.



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