Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Black and White Wednesday: Random Groovy Age Original Art

Yeah, Ol' Groove is kind of a digital "collector"--I see cool images shared on the interwebs and then I come back here and share 'em with my Groove-ophiles. Usually I have a theme, but it's summer, I'm on vacation and lazy, and I figure, "what the hey?" I'll just dump a bunch of cool images here in the tradition of my buddy and pal Joe Bloke of Grantbridge Street and Other Misadventures and other mucho-missed blogs. So enjoy!


  1. Really good stuff here Groove. Gene Colan Captain America is always a treat. Thank you sir and enjoy your summer !

  2. That Giant-Size Man-Thing cover leapt at me from the newstand decades ago and still speaks to me with it's consummate beauty. Kudos Mike Ploog. Also loved the Barry Smith entry from Tower of Shadows. The Roy Thomas story fit the artwork like a glove. Overall a great selection. I like seeing covers such as the Justice League and Rampaging Hulk in their beginning pencilled stages.



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