Friday, June 22, 2018

Making a Splash: Colan and Palmer's (Dr.) Strange Days Part 2

Ol' Groove just finished watching Doctor Strange again on Netflix, and that reminded me that I'd never gotten around to the second round of the Gene Colan/Tom Palmer Doctor Strange splashes (see where Ol' Groove gets his ideas?). Remember we shared the early Groovy Age splashes back in this post? (A couple years really gets away from us here in Groove City, doesn't it?) Anywho, while Gene the Dean eventually came back to Doctor Strange's mid-70s solo mag, it took a few issues for inker Tom Palmer to join him there. There was ish #8 (March 1975), then the Sorcerer Supreme Team hung in together for issues 11-18 (September 1975-June 1976), before both left the mag. Their time together made for some (dare Ol' Groove say it?) magical splashes!

Yeah, Gene and Tom worked together extensively on Tomb of Dracula (and what classic work that was). And yeah, Gene would come back for yet another round during the late Groovy Age with other inkers--mainly Dan Green--but that's a future post, baby!


  1. Gene Colan is and always will be my favorite artist.

  2. Gene the Dean! One of the greats! My favorite for so many in the Marvel universe. Dr. Strange,the original green suited Capt. Marvel,Sub Mariner,Daredevil...the list goes on. He was fantastic and the troubles in his life make me mourn his loss all the more. Rest well,Mr. Colan.

  3. Dracula and Strange are such great foils for each other.

  4. Seriously Groove, you study this stuff. What makes Tom Palmer such a great inker?

    1. It was the crispness of his brushwork that added depth and flow to his pencilers, combined with the techniques he employed at his second job in advertising (i.e.zipatone).



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