Monday, July 28, 2008

The Warlord Returns!

Out of all the news that's come out of the SDCC, this piece from Newsarama has me the most excited. Mike Grell's Warlord was my favorite DC comic of the mid-to late Seventies (evidently, it was a lot of folks' favorite, as it was DC's best selling title during that time period!). While there aren't many new comics on the horizon that have me in the "can't wait" mode, the fact that the Warlord is coming back, with creator Mike Grell at the helm as writer, has me a geekin' out just a bit.

Forget the horrible relaunch by Bruce Jones and Bart Sears of a couple of years ago, Grell is picking up the real Warlord right from where he left him and diving headlong into new adventures. All that remains to be seen is who the artist will be and the exact release date.

If you are a fan of sword and sorcery, fantasy, high-adventure, or science fiction--or better yet all of the above combined, do yourself a favor and jump on the new Warlord comic when it comes out!

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