Friday, October 31, 2008

Atlas/Seaboard's Planet of Vampires

I'm baaa-ack! What is more frightening than a vampire? How 'bout a whole planet full of 'em? Atlas/Seaboard's publisher Martin Goodman was famous for having his staff come up with knock-offs of whatever trend was hot at the moment. In 1974, few things were hotter than Charlton Heston's Omega Man (based on Richard Matheson's I Am Legend. Perhaps you've heard of it...?)--except perhaps Planet of the Apes (before cable, video, and the Internet, when a movie came to TV--especially those movies--they became sensations). So why not combine 'em? Editor Larry Leiber (Stan Lee's brother!) huddled with a couple newcomers, Larry Hama (the top G.I. Joe writer of the 80s) and Pat Broderick (who later went on to fame on Captain Marvel, the Micronauts, Firestorm, and Captain Atom) and came up with one of the wildest (in a very cool way) comics of all time. I can yap and yap, but you've gotta see it to believe it! Check it out, Groove-ophiles! From November, 1974 it's Planet of Vampires #1!

Stay tuned for more Halloween Happenings, Groove-ophile!

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