Saturday, July 10, 2010

Grooviest Covers of All Time: Neal Adams' Batman

Hoo-HAH! Yeah, Ol' Groove's just a little excited by the fact that Neal Adams is drawing The Batman again. To celebrate this week's kickoff of Batman: Odyssey, I'm gonna lay a dozen of my fave Adams Batman covers upon ya. Whaddya think'a that, Groove-ophiles?

Yeah, that's what I thought you'd think! Pax!


  1. The REAL Batman! A creature of the night who struck terror into the hearts of criminals, but was also the world's greatest detective and a rational, sane hero. Not the borderline-psychotic we've endured ever since Frank Miller got hold of the character.

    Sorry about the rant, Groove, but like Mykal I miss the old Batman...

  2. I'm with you guys! To me Frank Miller's Dark Knight ruined not only Batman as we knew & loved him. But that & Watchman ruined comics as we knew them a few years later. Denny O'Neil's & Neal Adam's Batman & Robin was Bob Kane's Batman updated for the 70's!

    With the exception of Marshal Roger's way too short stint on detective comics. Michael Golden's few stories, DC has ruined this great character. Since Byrne left Superman & the early 90's Death of Superman story line. Superman vs Doomsday as well. Atleast we still have those great comics to read from the 70's-mid 80's. Plus the Christopher Reeve Superman movies to watch.

  3. "He's INNOCENT!! I killed Bruce Wayne and I can't tell a soul!" OK, this was the Batman that refuted the 1960's TV version? So perfectly nutty, this stuff twisted my mind for life.

  4. Could I pitch in with Batman 222 - The Beatles Paul Is Dead rework

  5. Thank you,Mr Groove!
    The cover to Batman #244!
    /Mr Anonymous

  6. Some good stories--but never got into the blue-and-gray suit. Just doesn't fit the bat motif. Black, shades of gray, and even browns all work--but not blue.



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