Monday, July 5, 2010

Red, White, and Groovy Weekend! Secret Origins: Captain America by Thomas and Robbins

Ol' Groove cannot think of a better way to wrap up our RED, WHITE, AND GROOVY WEEKEND than with the origin of Captain America. Keeping it short, sweet, and continuitally correct (I just made that up!) ya can't go wrong with the Roy Thomas/Frank Robbins (inked by Vinnie Colletta) version from Giant-Size Invaders #1(March 1975)! Cue the "Stars and Stripes Forever" music, and awAAAY we gooooooo!

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  1. Even though I was never really a Frank Robbin's fan. I loved GS Invaders#1! One of my best comics from that summer! Roy sure knows how to write great WWII yarns! I loved that cover of the Invaders running at the readers over the globe. Very Cool! 1976 had some great covers that year by Marvel. especially their annuals/King Size comics! Semper Fi Mac!



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