Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Funnies: Archie in "The Sleeper"

Surf's up, Groove-ophiles! Get your giggle on with Archie and Veronica as illustrated by the incredible Harry Lucey. From Archie #213 (August 1971) here comes "The Sleeper"!


  1. Thanks for posting, Groove! Brought back fond memories of reading my older sisters' "Archie" mags at the beach when I'd run outta Marvels and DCs. And you picked the perfect day to run it as it's one sis's birthday today. Plus, I never knew the name of the artist, whose work I always loved.

  2. The powers and wisdom of Ol' Groove are mysterious and wondrous to behold, Groove-ophile! Hope you shared this post with your sister!

  3. Haha that had to be a daydream of Arch's. When he and Betty are first surfing she's wearing her trademark ponytail, but when they come out of the ocean she's wearing her pigtails! lol



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