Monday, October 18, 2010

Countdown to Halloween 2010! Amazed by Aparo: "A Monster Walks Wayne Manor!"

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! We all remember Archie Goodwin's turn as writer/editor of Detective Comics (issues 437-445) mainly because of his amazing Manhunter series with wild and wooly Walt Simonson (remember him from Saturday's post?). Goodwin also wrote and edited the Batman lead features for those issues, the first two of which were drawn by our man of the hour--yep, you guessed it--Jim Aparo. This one, from 'Tec #438 (September 1973) is a masterpiece of mood, baby, with Goodwin and Aparo at the top of their respective games. Enter freely and of your own will...but remember--"A Monster Walks Wayne Manor!" (And dig that far-out Mike Kaluta cover!)

(Kudos to Phil & Doc for the scans!)


  1. I bought the Swedish edition of this book in December 1974. I didn't understand the story at all (I was six), but I remember I thought it was really, really scary.
    I mention it in my blog today and link to your post.

  2. Groove:

    Another good one! I was considering reviewing this one myself for Halloween week, but decided to hold off so I could do all the Manhunter issues together. Aparo really was an amazing Batman artist. I think I might actually like his Bats more than Neal Adams'!


  3. My favourite era Batman - thanks for posting

  4. Yeah, the early '70s are my favorite era for Batman, too. The stories were serious, but not overly grim. And I like Batman as a detective who uses his wits to solve crimes.

  5. Wow.What a story.An outstanding testament to how great comics can get.Also another reminder as to why Jim Aparo is considered one of the top Batman artist ever.



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