Thursday, October 7, 2010

Countdown to Halloween! Mining for Gold(en): "Private Eye Man-Bat"

Greetings my ghoulish Groove-ophiles! While it can't be said that The Batman's sometimes enemy/sometimes ally Man-Bat ever set the comicbook world on fire, DC was able to produce some fun comics featuring Kirk Langstrom's furry-fanged alter-ego. The best of 'em were drawn, natch, by our man of the hour, Michael Golden. This moody masterpiece written by Bob Rozakis with inks by Joe Rubenstein is from Batman Family #20 (July 1978). Are you ready for "Private Eye Man-Bat"?


  1. Next to Morbius and Ghost Rider..whom Mannie pre dates....MAN-BAT is one of the coolest EERIE, CREEPY and macabre characters ever!!!!

  2. It was opined that: "The best of 'em were drawn, natch, by our man of the hour, Michael Golden"

    -- Cough--Ditko!
    -- Cough--Robbins!

    Golden's art is pleasant and all that, but not in those venerable gentlemen's league, IMHO.

    I have to do something about that cough.

  3. Man, thanks for posting these, i don't have them and i know they aren't exactly going to be easy to find. i'm having a great time reading them. great scans, amazing art....especially considering how young mike was when he drew these, it kinda boggles the mind a bit!

    dusty abell

  4. I'll have to second Groove on the Golden front. As much as I like Robbins and Ditko, I think Golden takes it to a whole other level. This was easily my favorite issue of Batman Family (particularly for the Golden Batman/Ragman team-up — stunning!)


  5. Thanks for your trip down the mine! I have a few of these, but none of the House of Mystery stuff. I think my favorite Golden story ever is Marvel Fanfare #1 - Spider-Man in the Savage Land!

  6. The Rozakis/Golden team also did Man-bat stories in BATMAN FAMILY 15 (9 pages), 16 (9 pages), and 17 (19 pages).

    All quite Groove-worthy.



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