Sunday, October 10, 2010

Countown to Halloween 2010! Sunday Funnies: "Darn Shadows" by Thomas and Severin

In June, 1970, Marvel Comics unleashed it's homage to EC's original, comicbook Mad with SPOOF. Evidently, they didn't have much faith in it, 'cause the second issue didn't appear until August, 1972--just over two years later. Funny, huh? You ain't heard the half of it, brother! Though it came out in June, SPOOF #1 was cover-dated October, so the ish kicked off with Roy Thomas and Marie Severin's send-up of the wildly popular soap opera (Ol' Groove kids you not!) Dark Shadows. Now THAT's funny! I can't tell you how much that show creeped Li'l Groove out--the music alone sent me running out of the house.

Yeah, my mom dug the show. More funny! Funniest of all, though, is this dank and dusty ditty. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for sharing this for I have always wanted to read it :)

  2. Ha! You're darn tootin', about the show creepin us little kids out. I was just 5 back in '67 and would watch it with my friend, Alan, who was 8, at his grandmother's house. You called it too, about the music giving me the heebie-jeebie's. This show was the vehicle that first introduced me to the concept of ghosts. Of course, I grew to love all the wonderful spookiness pretty darn quickly! Needless to say, I eventually became a fan of the show, like almost everyone else. (I always felt very sorry for folks who just didn't get how great the show was) I never saw this comic, thanks very much for posting it for us!

  3. Ditto. I've never heard of Spoof before, but I'm vaguely familiar with Dark Shadows. That second to last page, though, with all of the monster including Lon Chaney's vampire in London after Midnight really mad me smile.

  4. I know I'm late to the party, but that was great! I'm a big Dark Shadows fan and had no idea this existed.



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