Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mining for Gold(en)/Tuesday Team-Up: Micronauts and Man-Thing by Mantlo, Golden, and Rubenstein (Or All This and Neal Adams, Too!)

Hoo-hah, Groove-ophiles! Sometimes a comicbook comes along that just punches every "cool" button on the panel, and Micronauts #7 (April 1979) is one of 'em. First off, the premise: sci-fi meets horror as the mini-folk from the Microverse meet the Creature Who Burns All Who Know Fear--mega cool points to writer Bill Mantlo for thinking up such a meeting--and then making seem as natural and likely as Spidey and DD bumping into each other on an NYC rooftop! Next, the art: Michael Golden and Joe Rubinstein. Need I say more? (Okay, ya know Ol' Groove will!) We knew they could handle the far-out fantasy elements of the Micronauts, but their Man-Thing is appropriately slimy and creepy, while their rendition of the Florida swamps makes you almost feel the mosquito bites! And to top it all off: Golden's cover is inked by...Neal Adams! 'Nuff Said? Read on!

Presumptuous Plug Department: Hey, Groove-ophiles! Yet again, Ol' Groove has a comic coming out! My cosmic superhero Ultimus will star in Red Leaf Comics' Daring Adventures #1, set to roll off the presses in a few short weeks. I (in my civilian identity) recently did an interview on the subject for Comic Book Interviews, if you'd like to read more. We now return you to your regularly scheduled diversions...


  1. I'd forgotten all this one. classic stuff. love me some Mike Golden.

  2. There must be something in the water - I posted on my blog yesterday about something that caught my eye in Micronauts #6: http://knightsky-alienshores.blogspot.com/2011/01/she-did-what.html

  3. Still the best comic based on a toy line, ever.

  4. The Micronauts was my first glimpse of Mike Golden's beautiful art and I was hooked from the word go! So much so that I then started collecting all his comic book art that I could find including those wonderful Batman Family issues! I still think that Star Wars N0.38 is one of his all time greats (IMO).

  5. Always great to revisit some Golden stories.
    Michael Golden had a killer signature some years back - the circular design that contained all the letters of his last name. Why did he change it?

    Often I see stickers on trucks that are a direct rip-off of that classic Golden signature.



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