Friday, January 28, 2011

Ol' Groove's Request Line: Man-Bat by Pasko, Marcos, and Villamonte

What it is, Groove-ophiles! Time once more to dip into the Groove-E-Mail Bag for another righteous request. This one comes from long-time Groove-ophile Joplin John's response to our Famous First Friday featuring Man-Bat: "Hey Groovy One, one of these days, if you think about it and are bored, I'd LOVE to see some of those MB stories drawn by Pablo Marcos; now that's a subject and artist that seem like a match made in Heaven!"

Well okay, J.J.! Here's Pablo strutting his stuff on Man-Bat #2's (November 1975) "Fugitive from Blind Justice", written by Martin Pasko and inked by Ricardo Villamonte. (Complete with the far-out Jim Aparo cover--at no extra charge! Who loves ya, Groove-ophiles?)

Ol' Groove's got scans of Pasko and Marcos' Man-Bat back-ups from Detective Comics circa 1976. They'd make a great Bring On the Back-ups two-fer--if anyone wants to see 'em!

(Many thanks to HaCal/Grundy for the sweet scans!)


  1. AAAAwwwww Man-Bat's got his mother's.....FANGS! YIKES! Pablo Marcos sure could draw him pretty! I loved his Simon Garth aka the Zombie & Morbius over at Marvel's B & W mags as well. As Ash would say, GROOVY!

  2. Thanks again, Groove, for another excellent post (as alwasy). Hey, if the request lines are open, I'd like to see the three "Nightshade" back-up stories that Jim Aparo drew for the last three issues of Charlton's "Captain Atom" series. :-)

  3. For only 2 issues, Man-bat sure had quite an impressive troupe of creators working on it: Conway, Pasko, Ditko, Milgrom, Marcos and Villamonte...

  4. I love this Man-Bat stuff. Hey Wayne oughtta try that serum sometime!

    Thanks, Groove!

  5. Speaking of Pasko and Marcos, what are the odds of seeing KOBRA # 1, which showcases Marty and Pablo reworking a story plotted and penciled by none other than the King himself? In fact, that whole KOBRA run (especially the excellent Mike Nasser stories at the end of the run) is worthy of a Groove dissertation!

  6. I can't thank you enough for your blog. It was really a terrific time for comics -- certainly much better than what's out there now. I miss the art, the intelligence and the variety of material.

    As long as requests are in -- please, Doug Moench's Planet of the Apes!

  7. Thanks a million, Groove! It was all I'd hoped it would be! I recently became Facebook pals with Mr. Marcos so this posting comes at a very opportune time. And I was right: a match made in four-color Heaven!



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