Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sports Sunday: A Groovy Guest Post by Mike Mikulovsky! 1970 Browns and Bengals as Marvel Heroes by Lee and J. Buscema

What it is, Groove-ophiles! Here's a special guest-post by Mighty Mike Mikulovsky featuring a fab find he's dug up to share with all of us here in Groove City! Thanks, Mike! Enjoy, Groove-ophiles!

Are you ready for some football? It's that time again people--playoff time! That's where the monsters of the gridiron battle like gladiators to achieve the ultimate prize in the NFL! No, not the cheerleaders! The Vince Lombardi Trophy! Ok, the cheerleaders too!

Anyway, I forgot this even existed, but long ago Stan "The Man" Lee & "Big John" Buscema did a layout for PRO, an NFL magazine, comparing various players in the NFL at the time to the various Marvel superheroes.

I first saw this as a boy and it was a few years old already. My best buddy Neal Moore snuck it to out show it to me. It belonged to his really cool step father--who was also a fellow Marvel zombie to my surprise! I remember him saying, "Hey, Mike, check this out!" At first I thought, "Who cares? It's a football magazine." When I actually saw it I thought, "How cool is this!" Hey I was like 13 or a very young 14! It was great seeing John Buscema's pencils. So here they are from the Oct 18th & Nov 1st editions of PRO!

My Super Bowl prediction: GB 48, Pittsburgh 38! Go, Packers!


  1. Hey Groovy Ones!
    In my haste, I forgot to add my thanks to Joltin Joe Lenius. Without him, I would have never had these great scans to make this all possible. Sorry Joe! I wouldn't want the law offices of Lenius & Murdock to sue me!

    Or to be visited in the middle of the night. By a not so jolly guy in a red horned suit with a billy club upside my grape! YYOOWWW!! Don't taster me Bro! Thanks Joe!

  2. I saw a copy of this for sale a couple of months ago, but didn't pull the trigger because of the high price.

  3. The Bengals and Browns?? Well, we know that Cap HAS to be a Dallas/Roger Staubach booster. But I'm pretty sure my beloved Ben Grimm is a KC Chiefs fan from waaaaaay back, lol!

  4. Hey we all know the Hulk is a Green Bay Packer Green Machine. Just as Thor is scretly Clay Matthews! Poor Pittsburg! LOL! Packers Assemble!

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  7. Holy Moley!! Has it been six years since I wrote this post. Packers just crushed the Giants! Here's my prediction for next week at Dallas. GB 38 Dallas 28!! Go Packers!!



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