Thursday, February 3, 2011

Random Reads: "Wizard of Forgotten Flesh" by Moench and Heath

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Been thinking about one of the great comicbook artists of any age, Russ Heath. Russ (age 84) recently underwent much-needed knee-replacement surgery so you might've heard his name mentioned here and there on various comics-news sites. What the "whipper-snappers" out there might not know is how incredible Russ Heath's art could be. Those of us who grew up on Heath's work will probably never forget it! Here's a breath-taking example of Russ Heath in all his glory. "Wizard of Forgotten Flesh" was written for Ka-Zar #12 (August 1975) by one of our faves, Doug Moench. Tis' a feast for the eyes fer sure, Groovy Ones! (And you'd be hard-pressed to find a better word-slinger than Moench, never forget!) Enjoy!

(A tip o' the hat to Fett!! for the sweet scans.)  And yeah, Ol' Groove's arm could be twisted enough to share the cataclysmic conclusion to this epic--drawn by Larry Hama, no less...)


  1. Well, for Pete's sake, man, don't leave us hanging! I wanna know how the story turns out!

  2. So beautiful! Would that today's artists (with a few exceptions) had a fraction of the talent on display here. Moench and Heath made such a great team!

  3. I totally want to marry Sheesha... LOL



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