Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Black and White Wednesday: "Man-God" by Thomas and DeZuniga

Check it out, Groove-ophiles! Mighty Mike Mikulovsky, author of our previous Man-God post, has an article in the recently-released 47th ish of TwoMorrow's far-out Back-Issue on--you guessed it--Man-God! To celebrate Mike's awesome accomplishment, Ol' Groove thought it would be cool to share the whole Roy Thomas/Tony DeZuniga masterpiece with ya. Enjoy!!


  1. Thanks Groovster! Now if we Roy, Rich & Tony can only get part II done. Then published together hopefully though Marvel Comics & or Darkhorse Comics. As a trade & or hard cover in B & W & color versions.

    Twomorrows Back Issue #47 is out today. If anyone cares to buy it, you can do so through their website.

  2. Man, that's a great Earl Norem cover painting! I wish someone like Twomorrows or Vanguard would publish a book on Norem's career, with all his fabulous paintings reproduced in one spectacular, full-color volume. He was a dynamite artist whose work is long overdue for some serious attention!

  3. Having heard about the influence Gladiator had on Siegel and Shuster, and therefore all of superhero comics, I had to snap this comic up and see for myself. I'm disappointed to hear they never made a part two. I've been keeping an eye out for it in the back issue bins for the past year.

    The Superman parallels were stronger than I'd thought they'd be, but I wonder if Thomas and DeZuniga found themselves playing up the Superman similarities, since those kinds of things become more pronounced in retrospect.

  4. Hi Tom
    If you pick up Twomorrow's Back Issue. Or even if your LCS just orders it. You can see my tiny aticle on it in the very back of the latest issue. Issue #47, It was a 10 page article originally. But due to space & the editor, it was cut down to three pages only.

    I've actually been communicating alot. With both Roy & Tony over finishing this tale. To be honest, Roy did a very strict job of adaptating this version. Directly from the book itself. Which was actually written in 1926. But Wylie requested to his agent to hold off publishing it until 1930. After two of his other novels sold. Which he thought would sell better at the time.

    Wylie is best known for When Worlds Collide & After Worlds Collide. He also wrote the book The Murder Invisible. Which Universal studios bought the rights to. It was actually what the studio used more so, for the (1931) movie The Invisible Man. As much as H.G. Well's story.

    You can buy decently priced copies of book Philip Wylie's book Gladiator off eBay. As well as Marvel Preview #9 with Man-God which was featured here. Great reading your post here.

  5. Hey Groovy One!
    I have to make a correction my article om Man-God was published in BI#48. Not #47 like I early mistakenly stated, sorry!



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