Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ol' Groove's Request Line: "Forecast for Tonight...Murder!" by Frank Robbins

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! The requests have been pouring in for more Frank Robbins Batman, and you know Ol' Groove loves to give ya what you want! Here's Fearless Frank's second Batman outing as both writer and artist "Forecast for Tonight...Murder!" from Detective Comics #420 (November 1971). Enjoy!


  1. I don't get why anyone could have a hard time with Robbins art. Sure it's stylised but name me an artist who isn't and. Just look at his use of spot blacks. The man is a true master.

  2. Robbins made some interesting inking choices, and even odder lettering choices (if he lettered it himself). Still a good read, and I think his art was about 15 years too early.

  3. Not to be a party-pooper, but I'd like to put in a request for LESS Frank Robbins.

  4. After the lousy couple of days I've had, to log on here and unexpectedly find this... Groove, you are absolutely the BEST! Thanks for the great Frank Robbins story today, I sure needed it!

  5. I haven't seen as many of these; his Batman work is very different that his 70's Marvel work. Heavier inks, and a bit more Toth like.

    I like it!

    Still like his Invaders/Captain America 70's work, too. Although that had to grow on me (much like Kirby). Keep them coming, Groove!

  6. Even though I have this ish--love seein' Robbins get the attention he deserves. Keep it comin' Groove!



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