Thursday, March 3, 2011

Random Reads: House of Mystery #270

Just grab any issue of House of Mystery from the spinner rack of yesterday and you'll have a grand and gruesome time! Just take ish #270 (April 1979), f'rinstance. Beneath the bone-chilling Joe Orlando/Vinnie Colletta cover, the mag kicks off with a li'l gem that most all of us comicbook fiends can relate to by J.M. DeMatteis, Jim Sherman, and Joe Rubenstein. This one's for every shady dealer who ever ripped off a fan--"The Collector!"

That twisted tale is followed by a creepy costume chiller by Wyatt Gwynon and Jerry Bingham called "Black Mass"...

The ish is rounded out by a short-shocker by Scott Edelman and the amazing and underrated Tenny Henson who've concocted "A Model Murder"! Dig it, Groove-ophiles!


  1. Hey Groovyone!
    Boy talk about bad karma huh? Loved the Collector, Rubenstein sure is a great inker. Man I miss the days of zip-a-tone. Tom Palmer used to use it all the time in Tomb of Dracula & on Nova. Great tale, reminds me of how Siegel & Shuster got screwed by National/DC. Ironic how this was in a DC comic!

  2. this would've been way after I stopped reading the DC mystery titles, by 1979, Nino, Alcala, Toth, Kane, and Rubeny had all moved on to other things, but I DO remember Tenny Henson, and you're right, he has been overlooked. we need to put that right.

  3. More from The House of Mystery, please!

  4. What HEH said! But please give us some early House of Mystery & SOON! Hey any plans for a St.Patty's Day/Lephrecan related stories?



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