Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Groove's Faves: "The Poster Plague!" by Skeates and Arogones

What it is, Groove-ophiles! Y'know, they say Friday the Thirteenth is bad luck, but not for you, baby! (Well, at least not now that Blogger is getting it's act back together...) Ol' Groove is serving up a true classic and fave, Steve Skeates and Sergio Aragones' award-winning "The Poster Plague!" from House of Mystery #202 (March 1972). This is the story that inspired the immortal PLOP!, DC's "Magazine of Weird Humor" that turned Young Groove on so much. Two geniuses + one tale of macabre mirth = tons o' lucky Groove-ophiles! Take that, Jason Voorhees!


  1. Thank you, Groove! This is one of my favorites, too---and the first time I saw Aragones illustrate a story and not "just" draw cartoons.

  2. Sergio's work is just unbelievable here; so much detail, beautiful use of perspective, the expressions in every panel. Love it.

  3. I actually didn't read this until it came out in one of the giant Limited Collector's Editions in '73, but it instantly became one of my favorite all-time House of Mystery stories. It also put Sergio Aragon├ęs on my radar. Thanks for putting this up!


  4. Aragon├ęs mentions on this podcast this was his first published comic book pages as an illustrator (he had previously written a couple 7-pagers for Young Romance at DC, and also obviously had his EC Mad work, but had not done comic books):

  5. Very cool! Thanks for sharing this! So he knocked it out of the park on his first try! But, of course! (Note: Aragones did have a hand in developing/plotting/maybe writing Bat Lash in the late 60s--but NOT drawing it. This is for all those completists. ;D)



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