Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thor Week! Making a Splash: Thor by Kirby and Everett

What it is, Groove-ophiles! Here's a set of stunning splashes that go a long way in spotlighting the pomp and pageantry of the Groovy Age Mighty Thor by two of the absolute comicbook giants--Jack Kirby and Bill Everett. Writer/editor Stan Lee was mightily inspired to put this powerhouse pair together. Ol' Groove's only question is, "What took ya so long, Smiley?" Sadly, this titanic teaming was short-lived, lasting only for issues 170-175 (August 1969-January 1970) of Thor's mag. But WOW! What wonderment they unleashed for those six short months!

(Special thanks to Groove-ophile Mike Mikulovsky for suggesting this post!)


  1. What else can I write, but...
    I'm unfamiliar with Kirby's Thor, so these splashes are a treat. I really like the last image feature Loki

  2. Uh, those thugs with the machine-guns are screwed. Big-time.

  3. Interestingly, sales are reputed to have dipped when Everett inked the book. I have to confess that I preferred Colletta.

  4. I loved Everett period!Not to mention that other guy named Jack! Bill in my book was Kirby's best inker, with Jolt'in Joe a close second! I remember buying these from my corner store that spring/summer.

    Sigh, only 5 issues too, what a waste. Why! Why Marvel didn't you work everything out with the King. Imagine Darkseid & the New Gods in the MU! Not to forget The Demon, Kamandi, OMAC,etc.Bummer! Thou has great taste Groovster!



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