Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Black and White Wednesday: "The Thing in the Well" by McKenzie and Duranona

Welcome to the weird side, Groove-ophiles! Here's a shocker by the criminally underrated Roger McKenzie with sumptuous art by Leo Duranona, "The Thing in the Well' from Creepy #85 (November 1976)!


  1. They did a episode on Night Gallery just like this. But the ending was different. The girl as a young woman was still visting the now trapped/buried the poor creature at the end. After her father & the town's people trapped it in a pit & covered it with lumber.

  2. Night Gallery,huh? Interesting! I see Hitchcock in this tale. Roger McKenzie was definitely under-rated as a writer; I enjoyed his Daredevil run (pre-Miller).

  3. Leo DuraƱona was an amazing artist. I read this story in an old anthology I found some years ago. I LOVE classic Creepy comics.

  4. I remember that, and this story; at the time, CREEPY had a penchant for poignant, weird stories.

    This would've made a great NIGHT GALLERY episode, too.



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