Thursday, November 29, 2012

Groove's Faves: "The Starry-Eyed Siren of Space!" by Bates, Swan, and Anderson

Ol' Groove doesn't know why, but for some reason when I was a kid I was always enamored of Superman stories which featured the Man of Steel in some sort of impossible romantic entanglement. Toss together the menace of a skeletal dinosaur, the opportunity to rid the earth of ills like poverty and pollution, yet another Superman double (hadn't Supes just defeated the sandy-duplicate?), and a hot alien chick, top it off with stunning, stunning art by Curt Swan and Murphy Anderson, and yeah, you've got yourself another Groove's Faves offering. Nice work, writer Cary Bates! From Superman #243 (August 1971), get ready to meet..."The Starry-Eyed Siren of Space!"
Cover art by Neal Adams and Dick Giordano


  1. The insides were great but if ever a cover could sell a comic it was this one! I cut the figures out with scissors and posted them in a scrapbook!

  2. I,also have this issue...when I first saw the cover, I said to myself- "Whoa, Lois !" But of course, this isn't Ms.Lane. Supes was probably thinking/wishing the same thing !

  3. Yeah, that is a rather racy cover - although I always suspected the actual story is a bit more mundane. And sure enough...

  4. Why is Superman kissing that woman's left eye on the cover?

    1. What else ya gonna kiss when you're kissin' a "starry-eyed siren", Gary?

  5. The Swan/Anderson Superman....My all time favorite!!




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