Monday, May 27, 2013

Groove's Faves: "The Amazon and the Rock!" by Conway, Vosburg, and Giordano

Happy Memorial Day to all in the U.S., and happy Monday to the rest of Groove-dom! We're kickin' the week (and unofficially the summer) with a classic Wonder Woman tale guest-starring Sgt. Rock! Leave it to writer Gerry Conway to come up with the cool idea of pitting WW and the Rock against Dr. Psycho in the heat of WWII! And the oh-so-gorgeous art of Mike Vosburg and Dick Giordano makes Ol' Groove wonder why DC never made Mike WW's regular penciler. Between his talent for drawing beeyooteeful ladies and his skillful action scenes, a Vosburg WW mag should'a been a no-brainer (at least after Starfire and Isis finished their runs)! Oh well, we'll enjoy what we've got, and what we've got is "The Amazon and the Rock!" from World's Finest Comics #248 (September 1977). Dig it!

Be back tomorrow for the rip-roaring wrap-up, Groove-ophiles!

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  1. Very cool, I never saw this story. I wish DC had also rotated the Brave & the Bold once in awhile. For a non Batman team up. But with two characters who had never crossed paths. I wish DC & Marvel would had done that also. But using the Golden,Silver & Bronze age characters. Before all these endless & in most cases useless retreaded rebootings.

    How cool would it had been to see WW & Capt.A in WWII. Sgt. Rock & Sgt,Fury with the Haunted Tank, etc. Darkseid & Thanos! Dr.Doom & Darkseid,The Demon & Ghost Rider, The Dr.Fate & Dr.Strange, etc. Still love to see the Invaders & JSA too! I just hope Hollyweird never does a Sgt.Rock movie with Dwayne " The Rock" Johnson! OY!! I can see it now! The Rock as Sgt.Rock vs those Jabroni Nazis! SSShheesshhh! Now watch some producer read this post & do it! LOL



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