Thursday, August 28, 2014

Groovy Age Gold/Happy Birthday to the King: "Newsboy Legion Starring the Guardian" by Simon and Kirby

Happy Birthday to Jack Kirby! The King of Comics would've been 97 today--how nutso is that? Thing is, even if Jack had lived to be 200, his creations will still be selling comics for as long as the artform exists! Today, we're looking at one of Ol' Groove's all-time fave Kirby Kreations, The Guardian and the Newsboy Legion! Way back in Jimmy Olsen #141 (July 1971), Young Groove got to read the origin of the Original Guardian and his gang of sidekicks. I was blown away, enthralled, swept up--you name it, I was it! I was really diggin' the New Guardian and Legion (along with the New Gods, Forever People, and Mister Miracle), but this particular origin tale--from the Golden Age (Star-Spangled Comics #7, April 1942) really resonated with me. Still does! Hope you dig it as much as Ol' Groove always has! 'Tis the proverbial icing on Jack's birthday cake to moi!


  1. Yep, I got a hold of a bunch of Jimmy Olsens back in 1980 (or '81) and I remember really liking these back-ups. In fact, I liked them better than the main features, both the stories and the art. I'm really coming around to the view that Kirby did his best work when collaborating with Simon.

  2. This reprint came packaged in one of the all-time wackiest comic books ever published. Just the cover alone makes this a must-have: Don't Ask -- Just Buy It! Rushing Towards the Greatest Climax Ever Seen in Comics! Superman, the Guardian and Don Rickles! Kirby must've had a huge smile on his face the entire time he was working on this classic!



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