Friday, April 29, 2016

Making a Splash: Marvelous McLeod (Bob, That Is)

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! During the Groovy Age (and beyond!), Young/Teen Groove was always happy to see the name of inker Bob McLeod in the credits. Loved his inks from the first time I saw 'em (for me, t'was Defenders #24 (March 1975). His lush, organic line meshed with most everyone he ever inked (at least in my eyes), giving a unique sheen right up there with his peers like Klaus Janson, Joe Rubinstein, and Terry Austin (is it Ol' Groove, or did all of these incredible inkers find a sweet spot between the styles of Dick Giordano and Tom Palmer?). Here are a ton o' titanic and superior splashes pairing the talented Mr. M with many of the greats of Groovy Age Mighty Marvel. Enjoy, baby!

The Hulk! #13

Amazing Spider-Man #187

The Hulk! #15

The Hulk! #21

Marvel Treasury Edition #27

Marvel Team-Up #100

And yeah, we'll dig on Bob's DC masterpieces in a future post!


  1. One of my faves too! And when I saw The Hulk! 21 I could barely believe it, it was the most beautiful comic art I'd ever seen (I'd still take Marvelcolor over glossy digital coloring any day!). Now I want to read all of these!

  2. The first word that comes to mind with McLeod is "smooth". His inks were lush but not overwhelming (most of the time) and rich but always so very smooth. You can overdo that but he rarely did.

    Rip Off

  3. What a great bunch of images, thanks for posting them. A few really hit my nostalgia strings (esp. Spidey #187, M 2-in-1 #51 and Micronauts #8), and they really remind me how much I love McLeod's work. He's really one of the top-tier inkers in the industry.

  4. Nice selection of McLeod work. The 70s saw an incredible influx of inking talent, one after another, through the auspices of the Adams/Giordano Continuity studio: Janson, Wiacek, Austin, Rubinstein, McLeod. Along with the already established Palmer, Giordano and Sinnott, they formed the backbone of comics inking output for decades. Bob McLeod was a shining star in their midst. I reacquainted myself with him last year at the Jet City comicon. He was as nice and talented as ever and signed a large number of my books after I purchased a selection of his art products.

  5. Cool stuff groove. You've taught me much about inkers. Make mine Sad Sack!

  6. McLeod was indeed great. Even with the lower quality printing at the time he managed to make the line work clear yet suitably complicated. He had many great covers along the way also. I liked his work on New Mutants too.

  7. McLeod is an underrated artist as well, or at least by my estimation.

  8. I loved McLeod's pencils AND inks (and sometimes lettering). MARVEL TEAM-UP # 86 is a great example. There are too few of them.



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