Thursday, August 11, 2016

Groove's Faves: "Music Soothes" by Doyle, Lucey, and Epp

Can you dig it, Groove-ophiles? Mere weeks before the debut of the first Archies single (Bang Shang A Lang, don'tcha know) and the first Archie TV show (The Archie Show), Archie's very own comic is making fun of The Archies! These days, the song and show would've been promoted out the wazoo, but way back in July 1968? Everyone wants Archie's band to pull the plug, shut up, and go away! Reverse psychology? Maybe Ol' Groove hasn't been giving Frank Doyle, Harry Lucey, and Marty Epp enough credit? Hmmmmm...from Archie #185, see if you agree that..."Music Soothes!"

And just 'cause Groove loves ya (and Archie)...


  1. I assume the logic is: Of course the adults don't like their music! It's for you guys, the readers, the fans!

  2. Notice, Groove, how Reggie & Jughead are playing different instruments. As everyone knows, Jug was the drummer, and Reggie, I guess, was either rhythm guitar or bass, opposite of what is depicted here. Hmmmmmmmm.

  3. Fun story and awesome Harry Lucey art. Love that opening song with the line about turning a hawk into a dove. Reminds me of the similar lyric in the theme song of The New, Original Wonder Woman from a few years later. Thanks for including the Bang-Shang-a-Lang video. Such a fun song. The Archies are generally dismissed as being a one-hit wonder for Sugar, Sugar, but they actually had four singles that made the top 40. (Jingle Jangle and Who's your Baby were the other two.) They made several albums full of songs that also should have been hits. Thanks for keeping The Archies alive!



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