Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Decent Comics: "Preparen!" by Aragones, O'Neil, and Cardy

Saddle up, Groove-ophiles! We're a'goin' on another adventure with Bat Lash (from ish #5, April 1969). This time 'round, Lash jumps out from the fire (a firin' squad, t'be ex-act) and back into the (gun) fire in the space of about 23 pages (give or take a rattle snake). Intrigued? Well, ya should be--those comicbook hombres Sergio Aragones, Denny O'Neil, and Nick Cardy allus shoot straight and deliver a rip-snortin' campfire tale!


  1. Amusing story. I had one of those Red Baron models in the Monogram ad. Sooo long ago! Thanks Groove!

  2. Appreciate seeing more of Bat Lash, but I couldn't "embiggen" page 3.

    1. I can't either. I re-upped it, and it still doesn't work. One of those Blogger bug-a-boos. Haven't had that happen in a while...

  3. I'm missing this issue of Bat Lash. I'll have to pick it up.

  4. I've never herd mention of the Gene Colan, John Buscema, (John Romita maybe?) and someone else art infused within this story. What's the dealio, anyone?? -RS



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