Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Feast 2016: "Mountain of Fear" by Sutton, "Viewpoints" by Boatner and Rogers, and "Rasputin's Revenge" by Gerber, Starlin, and Esposito

Happy Thanksgiving, Groove-ophiles! Are you ready to chow down! My family traditionally eats pretty early (that way we can get a head start on the leftovers in the evening), so here's our main meal for today! Marvel, DC, and Charlton represented by Steve Gerber, Jim Starlin, Mike Esposito, Charlie Boatner, Marshall Rogers, and Tom Sutton! Tuck that napkin under your chin and let the gorging begin!

From Haunted #20 (November 1974), here's Tom Sutton with a rare full-length shocker! Is it a mountain of meat? A mountain of potatoes? A mountain of veggies? Nope, it's a..."Mountain of Fear!"

From Mystery In Space #111 (June 1980), Charlie Boatner and the late, great Marshall Rogers bring us a few different..."Viewpoints!"

And for the main dish, here's the infamous Iron Man #56 (November 1972) that, legend has it, got writer Steve Gerber and artist Jim Starlin fired from the mag by Stan the Man, himself. Of course, Gerber wrote the next couple issues, and Starlin began his legendary Captain Marvel revamp the very next month...but it does make for good conversation, dunnit? It's "Rasputin's Revenge!" (Which, if you overeat today, could turn out to be very much like Montezuma's be careful out there!)

Okay, baby! Take a nap and come back in six hours for a big ol' dish of leftovers!


  1. That Iron Man issue was weird and not that great, but far from the worst or weirdest thing I've read from that time. Why was this one controversial?

  2. Tom Sutton shines again. He really is able to capture the weirdness that was Lovecraft even if this isn't a direct Lovecraft adaptation. I used to look at this book and wonder how long it took him to draw it. Did he write out a script or did he just bore straight ahead, drawing each page as it came to him, knowing he had to wrap it up in 20 plus pages. Anyone familiar with his working methods know?



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