Monday, November 21, 2016

Marvel-ous Mondays: "Back to the Savage Land" by Conway, Smith, and Grainger

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Remember when Jack Kirby left the drawing chores of  Ka-Zar (and the halls of  Marvel, but that's another story...) and was replaced by none other than Barry (Windsor-) Smith? T'was with Astonishing Tales #3 (September 1970) that this sensational switcheroo occurred, and you're gonna get to plant your peepers on those pulse-pounding pages just as soon as I shut my mouth! (But I gotta mention writer Gerry Conway and inker Sam Grainger!) Can you dig it?
Cover art by Marie Severin and Mike Esposito with alterations by John Romita, Sr.


  1. How does one pronounce the first "a"? As I ape, cat, about for ka zar?

  2. Great stuff, Groove! I've got the issue after this, (or the one after that, I'm not sure), but this is new to me. If ya gotta have a guy to follow Kirby, Barry Smith is a good choice. Marvel made a Tarzan clone into a purty good little comic.
    Are we gonna see the Doc Doom stories, or have they already appeared here. I remember a great one drawn by Gene the Dean Colan.



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