Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Funnies: Richie Rich

When Richie Rich first popped up in Little Dot #1 in 1953, Casper the Friendly Ghost was the shining star of the Harvey Comics heavens. I don't know what happened (I think it might've been the amazing art of Ernie Colon), but during the Groovy Age everyone seemed to start digging Richie Rich.

During the 1970s, RR headlined no fewer than two dozen comicbook titles! That's more titles than Superman, Batman, and Spidey combined had back then. That's almost as many titles that star the X-Men these days. It was mind-blowing, man! Here's just a sampling of Richie Rich comics circa 1975.

Thing is, even kids who weren't necessarily comics fans dug Richie Rich. I had cousins who wouldn't touch a Captain America or Green Lantern comic with a ten foot pole, but they had huge stacks of Richie Rich comics. Richie's super-power--endless loads of money--was a trip everyone could relate to. Not everyone can come from a distant planet or get bitten by a radioactive spider, but everyone likes to think they have a shot at getting wealthy. Of course, having your rich dad's scientists whip up a tank so you can help save the world isn't exactly realistic, it is, at least, in the realm of possibility. Suuure.

Kids no doubt also loved the fact that Richie had lots of cool adventures. My favorites were the ones in which he and his faithful butler, Cadbury, became the super-team of Crashman and Rippy. Y'know, like in this story from Richie Rich Bank Book$ #18, May, 1975! Enjoy, Groove-ophiles!

(Click 'em if ya wanna read 'em, ya meathead!)


  1. Holy crap... I actually used to own this exact comic. Even as I was reading it, I remembered the plot.

    I wonder what happened to my copy... my Mom probably tossed 'em...

  2. That's my goal--to bring back those fond memories that mom threw out!

  3. Hi, I just started a Richie Rich blog and I added a link to your page. Please let me know if that is not okay with you. Thanks!

  4. It's totally okay, and thanks! Good luck with your blog--I've added your link to the "Mind-Blowing Blogs" column!

  5. Thank you so much!

  6. Wow, I am getting so much traffic from your site and from so many different countries! It's great, thank you so much!



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