Friday, June 26, 2009

Farrah Fawcett--In a Comicbook?!?

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Famous First Fridays for some breaking news.

Yesterday, 1970s icon (one of the few actually deserving that title), Farrah Fawcett, lost her battle with cancer. I know this is a comicbook blog, and there never were any Charlie's Angels comicbooks (there should'a been!), but still. children and fans of the 1970s are gonna miss Farrah like crazy. Besides, Ol' Groove spent about as much money on buying mags and posters with pics of Farrah (and the other Angels, and Cher, and Lynda Carter...) as he spent on comics! I thought it would only be appropriate to pay our respects here by sharing some pics of Farrah from back in the Groovy Age. (The first two decorated Teen Groove's room, baby!)

But you know Ol' Groove ain't gonna stop there. Farrah--or at least her hair-style and the character she played in the Logan's Run movie--did appear in comicbook form, int the Marvel Comics adaptation, Logan's Run #3 (December 1976--thanks to my pal Joe Bloke for the scans!). Here's the cover and a few pages from that exquisite issue courtesy the talents of writer Dave Kraft, penciler George Perez, and inkers Tom Palmer (cover) and Klaus Janson (interiors).

Things'll get back to normal (at least as normal as they get around here) tomorrow. Thanks for your kind indulgence, Groove-ophiles!


  1. and who can forget all those adds in the groovy age comics for Farrah Posters! check page 21 of Battlestar Galactica #2 (or any Marvel comic cover dated April 1979) for a sample.

    R.I.P., Farrah.

  2. Hey man, great blog. Just linked to you via the Crom, Conan blog. Good work on the Farrah tibute. I especially love the image of Farrah on the old school skateboard. You mentioned how there was never a comic book with Farrah in it so that sparked an idea with me and I'm going to do a comic book style illustration of Farrah on that skateboard. Hopefully you'll watch for it on my blog,



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