Saturday, June 27, 2009

Twice-Told Tales: "Believe It...Or Not!" By Dan Adkins and Bill Everett

A couple of weeks ago, Ol' Groove shared the Jack Kirby shocker, "And Fear Shall Follow" from Chamber of Darkness #5 with ya. Believe it or not (witty, ain't I?), Dan Adkins and Bill Everett retold that self-same story a few months later in Chamber of Darkness #8 (September 1970). Why did editor Stan Lee go for such a stunt? Maybe he just needed to fill space, since this rarely-seen tale was sandwiched between two Lee/Steve Ditko reprints (and backed by a new Don Heck-drawn feature). Or maybe he thought it was just too cool of a story to waste, 'cause, baby, that Adkins/Everett art is far-freakin'-out! Whatever the reasons, I'm glad the story saw print. See if you don't dig it!

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