Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weird Sunday Funnies: Alice Cooper From the Inside

Greetings, my groovy Ghoul-ophiles! Today let's talk about the legendary 50th issue of Marvel Premiere (July 1979). Funny, kooky, creepy, spooky--nope, I'm not rappin' about the Munsters, baby, I'm talking about Alice Cooper as a comicbook character. I blogged on Marvel's rock and roll comics, with a mention of this masterpiece of macabre mayhem, way back in September of last year, and I can't think of anything more (or better) to say now than I said then, so here goes:

"Now, this was a standard comic in size and dimensions--but the story and art were definitely out there (and in a good way). "From the Inside" was a side-splittingly hilarious adaptation of AC's then recently released album of the same name. Written by Alice Cooper (himself!), Jim Salicrup, Roger Stern, and Ed Hannigan, with pencils by the criminally underrated Tom Sutton and inks by the legendary Terry Austin, this comic was unlike anything Ol' Groove has seen before or since. Captured and placed in an insane asylum, AC has to learn to adapt or escape--and meets up with folks way crazier than himself in the process. The story was done as an homage to the old EC horror comics, right down to the lettering style, by way of EC's own Mad (the comics version, not the magazine). Hard to believe, but it's even better than the first KISS comic!"

I can't add anything myself, but check out the editorial from MP #50 for the lowdown behind how Marvel and AC got it all together:

'Nuff said! Now read it, already!


  1. I bought this comic when it was originally published. I love the Coop.

  2. I remember buying this comic book.
    I still have it.

  3. Fank for uploading! Great quality!



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