Saturday, October 3, 2009

Shock Theater: Roy Thomas and Frank Brunner Adapt REH's "The THING On the Roof!"

Marvel Comics' short-lived horror/mystery anthology, Chamber of Chills, was nothing short of fab-a-mundo, Groove-ophiles. Every issue showcased a trio of thrillers, at least one of which was a truly far-out fright-fest like the following fear-fable from CoC #3 (December 1972). I mean, you put Roy Thomas and Frank Brunner on the job of adapting a short-shocker by the immortal Robert E. Howard and what can you get but an instant classic?


  1. Thanks for posting this great adaptation.

  2. Really cool. I remember having that issue as a kid (I probably still do, somewhere) and staring at the monster in that last page obsessively.

  3. Crikey mate, these are just great. Blimey , what a cracker of a tale Guvnor.

    Gnostic the Englishman.



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