Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bring on the Back-Ups: An Elliot S! Maggin/Dick Dillin Two-Fer

Elliot S! Maggin was one of DC's most hip and prolific writers during the Groovy Age. He always wrote an entertaining story and was as close to a Marvel writer as DC got when it came to more realistic characterization. Dick Dillin is well known as the definitive JLA artist of the Groovy Age and it's almost as well known that he was the top World's Finest illustrator for a good half of that era as well. Somehow or another Dillin was able to find the time to illustrate many a fine back-up and/or filler feature throughout the 70s, as well--like these Maggin-penned tales Ol' Groove's layin' upon ya today! How's that for a simplistic segue? First up is "The Unmasking of the Atom" from Action Comics #435 (February 1974) followed by the Green Arrow facing a "Young Man With a Drum!" from Action #436 (March 1974). Who loves ya, baby?

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