Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Byrne-ing to Read: "Gods of the Planet Olympus"

Here's another far-out John Byrne-illustrated issue of Space: 1999, Groove-ophiles! This one features the stars of the sci-fi TV tie-in against--yep, you guessed it, the gods of a planet called Olympus. Byrne handles the sci-fi/fantasy mix quite nicely, giving us some pretty cool looking giants and monsters, the likes of which the TV show's sfx budget would never have allowed. Author Nick Cuti serves up a fun script with some great moments of action and humor, really allowing Byrne to strut his stuff. The sight of sword-wielding giants dressed in ancient Roman duds battling space-ships is quite a sight, in Ol' Groove's opinion. Bet you'll agree! From Space: 1999 #5 (April 1976) prepare to face the "Gods of the Planet Olympus"!

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